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Highlighting ethnic cultures in Zhanjiang

ByZhong Xinyuan Update:2015-09-18

Zhanjiang will showcase its characteristic human-dragon dance, which shows the dual cultural characteristics of dragon culture of central China and the sea culture, on stage during the festival. [Photo/zjphoto.yinsha.com]

Zhanjiang's signature Leizhou opera [Photo/zhanjiang.gov.cn]

Zhanjiang is to offer a magnificent display of Guangdong's characteristic ethnic and cultural elements at the Lingnan Folk Culture Festival to be held in the city from Sept 24 to Oct 7.

It's the first time for such a festival to be held in a city other than the provincial capital in Guangdong province. In effort to make best use of the opportunity, Zhanjiang has spared no efforts to prepare an integrated presentation of traditional culture and modern life through various forms of folk culture and manifestations of intangible cultural heritage, according to the festival work committee on Sept 14.

The highlight of the festival will be the celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on Sept 27 this year. Combining family get-together and festival features, mid-autumn festive lanterns in various colors, patterns and styles will decorate streets and parks in the city. There will also be a gourmet festival with a wealth of festival-related snacks and specialties.

Locals and visitors will enjoy a series of Guangdong folk cultural performances, ranging from lion dance to tea-picking dance to Zhanjiang-native Leizhou opera. Zhanjiang's special "red soil" culture, or Leizhou culture, will also be performed on stage this year.

More than 50 cultural events reflecting 18 cities in Guangdong province are designed to showcase the province's rich tourism resources, including a gala of folk art performances of Lingnan culture, a grand festival for Yao people, a gourmet feast of Lingnan specialties for foodies, folk handicrafts exhibition, puppet shows and performances of Helou Dance, an ancient dance to celebrate harvest and praying for good weather for ancestors of the Zhuang People.

The festival also offers a unique opportunity for Zhanjiang to attract the world's attention and speed up the development of its tourism resources. "Zhanjiang will make every effort to get the public into celebration mood, and make the festival a cultural show for all," said Chen Yun, director of the city's publicity department on Sept 14.

Edited by Mevlut Katik