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Guangzhou Development District


Approved by the State Council in 1984, Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development District was one of the first national economic development zones in China.

By 2002, together with Guangzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Guangzhou Export Processing Zone and Guangzhou Free Trade Zone, it formed a part of the Guangzhou Development District.

Located in the administrative scope of Huangpu district, Guangzhou Development District serves as a driving force for Guangzhou's economic growth and scientific innovation.

Guangdong Development District [Photo/msweekly.com]

The comprehensive strength of Guangzhou Development District has been ranked top three in the country over the past 30 years. The district is home to 1,580 enterprises above designated size, 31 listed companies, more than 3,000 scientific companies including 442 national high-tech enterprises and 29 listed on New Third Board. The district also has built 3.45 million square meters of incubators and accelerators. Over 3,100 foreign-funded companies and 80 international companies have set up research institutions in the district and Global Fortune 500 companies have invested in 120 projects.

The district was one of the first pilot areas for Sino-European and Sino-Israeli cooperation as well as a hot spot for innovation and entrepreneurship by attracting 32 academicians, 50 experts under national Thousand Talents Program and 3,000 other innovative talents. It offers strong support to Guangzhou's efforts in building a global innovative resource gathering area and a demonstration area for innovation-driven development.

Guangzhou Development District focuses on economic development including industrial growth, industrial park construction and investment attraction, while Huangpu district government puts social development as a priority, including city construction, social management and public service. The two districts will combine their resources and utilizes each other's advantages to seek coordinated development to create a powerful engine for east Guangzhou's economic and social growth.