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Xianrendong scenic spot in Gaozhou


Xianrendong is known for its supply of oxygen rich in negative ions (100,000 ions/cubic meter), making it essentially a natural oxygen bar, but this scenic spot in the Shenzhen township of Guangdong province has a lot more to offer than just air.

At an altitude of about 1,380 meters, Xianrendong features pleasantly cool weather even on the hottest days, offering tourists an ideal place to escape the summer heat.

The site boasts a group of natural waterfalls and forests, including an azalea forest, a sea of bamboo, and a rare plant — Mucuna Birdwoodiana Tutch. Here are some features of Xianrendong:

The Xianrendong scenic spot in Gaozhou city, Guangdong

Forest solitude

The dense forest in the scenic spot has a large number of vines and old trees of both tropic and sub-tropic species which blot out the sky. Thus it is a great location to stroll along the forest paths, breathe fresh air, and be immersed in nature. The forest is also home to a vast sea of Mucuna Birdwoodiana Tutch. They often blossom in late March, swaying with the wind like flying birds.

Waterfall scenery

The area features two main waterfalls – Tianhe Waterfall and Xiangshui Flying Waterfall. The magnificent Tianhe Waterfall cascades for 200 meters. The Xiangshui Flying Waterfall is famous for being loud. The water falls from a height of 70 meters and roars when it hits the steep rocks below.

A sea of azalea

A vast area of wild azalea flowers, covering about 1,000 mu (66.7 hectares), turns the mountains into a world of flowers.


Shenzhen township in Gaozhou city is known as an area of longevity. The food — beef, mutton, bamboo shoots, sweet potatoes, and wild vegetable — are all grown organically, making the restaurants an excellent place for people hoping to eat healthily.