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Taihua Mountain scenic spot


Taihua Mountain scenic spot offers breathtaking scenery and has become a popular destination for tourists from home and abroad.

The mountain is located at Zhuangdong village, about 10 kilometers from the downtown area of Xinyi in Guangdong province.

Standing on top of the 678-meter-tall Taihua Mountain and looking down, visitors can view the TV tower, urban buildings, and reservoir to the east; hot springs to the west; the neighboring city's mountains, rivers, and tower to the south; and Guangxi's mountains to the north.

The mountain has a 10-mu (0.67-hectare) tea garden. Tourists can wandering along the path while smelling the fragrant tea plants and listening to the singing of birds, all while drinking a cup of tea made from leaves that had never left Taihua Mountain.

Taihua Mountain was the first area to be designated a scenic spot and historical heritage protection area in Xinyi. In 2012, the local government invested a lot in the Taihua Mountain scenic spot to renew its tourism facilities and attractions. Furthermore, locals made a big drum, which is 2.2 meters high and weighs 23 tons, with a diameter of 3.65 meters. It is dubbed as the "Number One Drum" in the country. The "Number One Bell" in South China is under construction , which is expected to add charm to the city of Xinyi.

The "Number One Drum" in Taihua Mountain [Photo/maoming.gov.cn]

Taihua Mountain scenic area [Photo/maoming.gov.cn]