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Shopping sites in Yunfu


Lianzhou Tea Development Co

Address: No 16 Middle Longzhou Road, Luocheng town, Luoding city

Tel: +86-766-3860-519


Lianzhou Tea Development Co is a private company specialized in tea planting, processing, sales and tourism. Its tea products include jinhao, yinhao, maojian yunwu, green and black tea, a number of which have gained many industry awards, and are warmly regarded by consumers.


Oriental Times Plaza

Address: No 2 Muyang Road, Yuncheng district, Yunfu city

Tel: +86-766-8328318

Opening hours: 10 am-10 pm

Oriental Times Plaza is a shopping complex great functionality. Shopping, leisure, entertainment, catering, culture, lodging, business and residences are all available here.


New Century Plaza

Address: No 2 Middle Huanshi Road, Yunfu city

Tel: +86-766-893777

New Century Plaza is located at the transportation hub of Yunfu city, with bus routes extending to most areas around the city. The plaza has a total area of 80,000 square meters, including 17,000-sq-meters of underground parking. It includes a one-stop shopping center, children’s center, food court and entertainment centers.


Center Shopping Mall of Department Store

Address: Intersection of Chengji Road and Middle Jiefang Road, Yuncheng district, Yunfu city

Tel: +86-766-8839-912

The Center Shopping Mall is a large shopping market specializing in the retail of merchandise and knitted goods.


Aijia Supermarket

Address: No 5 East Haolin Road, Yunfu city

No 239, South Renmin Road, Luoding city

Tel: +86-766-3822-960

Opening hours: 10 am- 10 pm

Aijia Supermarket is an ideal shopping destination for consumers, offering a satisfactory variety of goods.