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Guangdong paper-cutting, a general name for the paper-cutting art from the regions of Foshan, Shaotou and Chaozhou, was included among the first entries of the State-level Intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2006.

As a popular art, integral to the everyday lives of the region's citizens, Foshan and Chaoshan paper-cuttings have developed over a long period of time. Different from Chaoshan and other styles of paper-cutting, Foshan paper-cutting is unique due to the materials used. Local copper foil and silver foil are used for cutting, carving and chiseling in Foshan paper-cutting. Variously colored paper and patterns are lined and printed to form a style that is typically southern.

Nowadays, innovative and modern living topics have been absorbed by this traditional folk art. Young rising paper-cutting stars in Guangzhou with artworks in the Guinness Book of World Records also help to bring this classic folk art to the world.