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Guangdong Hanyue Music

(chinadaily.com.cn) Update:2018-12-21

Guangdong Hanyue music can be found in Meizhou, Shantou, Shaoguan and Huiyang. It was also known as Hakka, Confucian and Handiao music. 

Guangdong Hanyue music is over 500 years old. It originated when the Han nationalitymoved south from the central plains. It has kept elements of the central plains music, while at the same time mixing with local musical elements. It is one of the three main musical genres of Guangdong Province.

It can be divided into five categories; silk string (the most common), qing (also called Confucian music which is favored by intellectuals and generally performed using the guzheng, lute and yehu), 'big gong and drum' music (generally performed in village processions and religious festivals with a suona accompanied by gongs and drums), zhongjunban music (mainly performed by professional folk groups at weddings and funerals using the suona accompanied by silk stringed instruments, gongs and drums) and temple music (used in religious rituals).