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Huizhou, stunning bay to towering mountains


Huizhou, located in the southeast of Guangdong province, the northeast end of the Pearl River Delta, is a historical city known for being a prefecture of Lingnan, and a gateway to eastern Guangdong since the Tang Dynasty (618-907).

Visitors are always impressed by the mountains and waters of Huizhou, including the renowned Luofu Mountain and Xunliao Bay. Luofu Mountain is one of the ten sacred mountains of Taoism in China. The mountain, known as "the First Mountain south of the Five Ridges", features lush forests, plentiful peaks and pleasant weather throughout the year. Xunliao Bay enjoys a reputation as "the eastern Hawaii".

The city has been the economic, political and cultural hub of the Dongjiang River Valley area since ancient times. As time has gone on, various cultures have come to settle in the area. Hakka culture and celebrity culture is currently flourishing in the region.

Huizhou is an important home for the Hakka people. Many Hakka people living in foreign countries, along with Taiwan province, and the Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions, usually come from Huizhou.

Some folk customs in Huizhou are quite unique. The popular dialect of "army language" in Pinghai town, Huidong county, is a unique dialect formed from northern China's dialect and combined with Cantonese, Hakka dialect and the Chaozhou-Shantou dialect. There are many kinds of folk arts, such as folk dances, carp lantern dance and lion Dance. Hakka folk songs are mainly popular in the areas of Huiyang, Huidong, Boluo and Longmen.

When it comes to celebrities, more than 480 Chinese celebrities have been guests or visitors at Huizhou. Renowned poet Su Dongpo of the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127), once lived in Huizhou for three years. Sun Yat-sen and Zhou Enlai once did revolutionary work in Huizhou. A number of democratic fighters and revolutionaries such as Liao Zhongkai, Deng Yanda and Ye Ting have all come from Huizhou.

Attractions: Luofu Mountain, Nankun Mountain, Xunliao Bay, Shuangyue Bay, Huizhou West Lake and Pinghai Ancient City