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Chaozhou, city that everybody loves


Located in the north of the Hanjiang River Delta in easternmost Guangdong province, Chaozhou is a famous cultural city known throughout the world.

The city is the birthplace of Chaozhou culture and is the political, economic and cultural hub of eastern Guangdong.

Throughout history, the Chaozhou region has flourished and thrived as a prosperous cultural center, most well known for the Chaozhou dialect, opera, cuisine, Fenghuang Dancong tea, music, lion dancing and Chaozhou embroidery.

The city is home to some 600 cultural relics, 42 of which are classified at a state, and provincial level.

Famous for its sweet-smelling and fresh cuisine, Chaozhou food enjoys popularity around the globe. It is particularly well known for its healthy seafood and vegetarian dishes, such as prawn rolls, oyster omelets and yam desserts.

Attractions: Guangji Bridge, Han Wen Gong Temple, Chaozhou Arch Street and Kaiyuan Temple

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Guangji Bridge, also called Xiangzi Bridge, part of which is connected by boats as a bateau bridge. It's one of the eight most popular attractions in Chaozhou. [Photo/Nanfang Daily]