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Zhanjiang promotes high-quality development of manufacturing

(en.zhanjiang.gov.cn) Update:2020-03-10

Zhanjiang issued a three-year plan on March 6 to promote the high-quality development of its manufacturing industry.

Zhanjiang will promote the development of industrial clusters, expand the scale of supporting industries, as well as create more industrial clusters worth 10 billion ($1.44 billion) and even 100 billion yuan ($14.4 billion). The city will vigorously promote the cluster development of modern port industries, make every effort to advance the construction of major industrial projects, as well as build a world-class green and environmentally friendly high-end coastal port industrialization base. Zhanjiang is committed to building five traditional industrial clusters, as well as accelerating the cultivation and expansion of strategic emerging industries.

The city will also implement the innovation-driven development strategy, improve the development level of the manufacturing industry, implement a new round of technological transformation of enterprises, accelerate the green development of the industry, promote the integrated development of the information industry and the manufacturing industry, as well as promote industrial-university-research cooperation and the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements.

In addition, Zhanjiang will pay great attention on quality and improve the support system of resource elements.

In the future, governments at all levels in the city will formulate specific implementation plans based on local realities to jointly promote the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, while also maintaining novel coronavirus epidemic prevention and control efforts.