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Shenzhen a city of new ideas and innovation: French entrepreneur

(chinadaily.com.cn) Update:2020-08-25

Shenzhen, a southern Chinese city in Guangdong province, marks its 40th anniversary this year as the country's first special economic zone. From a small fishing village to an international city full of charm, impetus, energy and innovation, the city has become a haven for generations of youngsters to seek their dreams of a better career and life.

Two entrepreneurs -- one from the United States, and one from France -- shared inspiring moments from their entrepreneurial journey in Shenzhen, their views of this friendly city, their perspective on the convenience of the Great Bay Area, and their expectations for the city's future.

In this episode, Christophe Branchu, founder and creative director of Juke Creative Studio, came to Shenzhen from France about seven years ago. He regards Shenzhen a home because of the city's open and welcoming environment. As a designer from Europe, Christophe came to Shenzhen to get a better understanding of the manufacturing process and was captivated by the city's innovative side.