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Guangzhou hi-tech zone's policy support for nanotechnology

(CHINA DAILY ) Update:2020-09-30

Guangzhou High-Tech Industrial Development Zone issued several new incentive policies last December to strengthen support for its nanotechnology industry and to foster development and innovation. These incentives cover fields including academic research and major projects. Here are some of the highlights of the policies:

・ Entities establishing major public nanotechnology service platforms will be offered an award of up to 50 million yuan ($7.33 million). Public technology service platforms include those focused on nano processing technology, nanotechnology pilot plant testing and application promotion, nanotechnology testing and analysis, nano biological effect and safety research.

・ Enterprises that have obtained a total investment of more than 30 million yuan from venture capital institutions over the past two years and are valued at more than 300 million yuan before investment will be given awards equal to 10 percent of the total actual investment.

Among small and medium-sized enterprises which have generated over 10 million yuan in income in the previous year, 10 enterprises will be selected to receive direct equity investment of up to 5 million yuan.

・ In terms of newly established major nanotechnology projects that have completed and have been put into production on time, hierarchical awards will be given to enterprises working on them. The maximum award is 100 million yuan.

・ The government will collaborate with science and technology departments to set up key nanotechnology projects by granting them 200 million yuan each year in order to support domestic and foreign teams to carry out nanotechnology research and industrialization.

・ Winners of the Nano Star innovation and entrepreneurship competition whose projects are successfully introduced to the zone will be offered awards ranging from 150,000 to 500,000 yuan.

・ If a newly established nanotechnology enterprise with a registered capital of more than 10 million yuan rents property for offices., the zone will offer a subsidy equal to 50 percent of the rent for three years, with an annual maximum subsidy of 1 million yuan.

・ Organizers of high-level nanotechnology industry summits, forums, competitions and academic exchanges will be given subsidies equal to 30 percent of their actual expenditures. Each will receive 1 million yuan at most.

・ Key platforms and projects that can give rise to their counterparts, have outstanding industrial innovation ability and make great contributions to local economic growth will be given special support.