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Maoming lychees exported to North America for first time this year

(chinadaily.com.cn) Update:2021-05-11

A batch of fresh lychees was exported to North America on May 7 after passing quarantine inspection by Maoming Customs, the first time this year that lychees have been exported from Guangdong province.

The lychee shipment, weighing 39.1 metric tons and worth 1.74 million yuan ($269,668.8), was exported by Maoming Zefengyuan Agricultural Products Co Ltd.

"The shipping space of international marine logistics is in short supply this year, so my company's export plans often change," said Lin Bo, person in charge at the company. "Thanks to the support of Maoming Customs, the lychees will be exported in a timely manner."


Maoming Customs officers inspect lychees on site. [Photo/WeChat account: maofabu]

Guangdong has a long history of planting lychee, and the province's lychee planting area is the largest in the nation.

Maoming is the largest lychee production area in the world. It currently boasts a lychee planting area of nearly 1.36 million mu (90,666.67 hectares), accounting for about half of that in Guangdong, one-fourth of that in the country, and one-fifth of that in the world. It is expected to achieve a lychee output of more than 600,000 metric tons this year.

Maoming Customs has been advancing reforms and improving the business environment at the port, and makes use of the "internet + customs" online service platform to efficiently handle registration procedures for lychee export enterprises. It also strives to make customs policies as clear as possible.

A green channel was also opened for agricultural products, which gives priority to the inspection of agricultural products by appointment declaration and reduces the customs clearance time needed for exports.