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Graceful dancers show their wheelchair artistry

ByZheng Erqi and Li Wenfang in Guangzhou (chinadaily.com.cn) Update:2021-05-13


The student wheelchair dancers of Guangdong Peiying Vocational Technical School practice often. [Zheng Erqi/chinadaily.com.cn]

Members of the student wheelchair dancing team of Guangdong Peiying Vocational Technical School in Guangzhou practice often -- and it has paid off.

Some of them have won gold medals in national wheelchair dancing competitions.

Gold medalist Lin Haoqin, who studied e-commerce at the school and now works at a bank, said he will continue dancing, no matter what course his professional life takes.

"Give me music and I can dance and express myself. It's what I enjoy doing," he said. "I felt inferior when I first came to the school. But as I interacted with people and danced, I became an extrovert, more positive and optimistic."

Lin has performed and competed in many places, which helped expand his vision, he said.

Huang Ming, a first-year student at the school majoring in accounting, joined the dance team last month.

"It's fun. It's physical exercise. My back is straighter and I feel healthier," he said.

The team currently has five members, down from 14 in 2017 when the school had more students, said Li Zhiyun, a dance tutor. Before contests, dance practice takes place every day.

"We want to educate students in the cultural, sport and art aspects of dance," Li said. "With the awards they win in contests, there is marked improvement in their psychological strength and study and work habits."

"We hope to continue to inspire them physically and psychologically — to enhance their lives, facilitate them on higher stages and see them glow on stage," she said.

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