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Foshan Hi-tech Zone increases capital support to attract top talents

Updated: March 05,2021


To nurture an environment of innovation and entrepreneurship and speed up the gathering of top talents, Foshan National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone established a special guidance fund for high-tech industrialization start-up teams in 2020, which has so far attracted 21 start-up teams to settle down in Foshan. In 2021, the special fund will be increased from last year's figure of nearly 80 million yuan to around 100 million yuan.

According to the implementation measures of the special guidance fund for high-tech industrialization start-up teams in Foshan Hi-tech Zone, the start-up teams can apply for capital support of 8 million yuan, 5 million yuan and 2 million yuan based on their project type, their technical achievements and their prospects for commercialization and industrialization. 

In 2020, Professor Pan Minqiang's team from South China University of Technology was successfully selected as a high-tech industrialization start-up team in Foshan Hi-tech Zone, and set up a company in Foshan. The team developed heat pipe technology, combined with indirect liquid cooling technology, to reduce air conditioning usage by 65 percent in a big data center, saving at least 20 to 30 percent in annual electricity costs.

A new round of applications for capital support for talent teams will be launched in April. The application process has been simplified and application channels made more diverse. Enterprises can apply for capital support from the Administrative Committee of Foshan Hi-tech Zone, and the administration departments of industrial parks in Foshan.