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Q&A (second part) on supporting policies for the talent teams of Foshan National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone

Updated: May 13,2021

Q: Are there ancillary policies for each park?

A: There will be ancillary policies for each park, and the final document shall prevail.


Q: Our company's shareholding structure is as follows: the team leader is a full-time college teacher who holds 43% of the shares, the college where the team leader works holds 8%, and the investment company holds 49%. Does this shareholding structure meet the requirements?

A: (1) At least three people among the team leader and core members shall hold shares;

(2) A core member is allowed to hold shares in the form of indirect holding, but the shareholding ratio of the core member in other companies shall be embodied in the equity structure table.


Q: The policy requires a 1:1 ratio of self-raised funds to supporting funds. Is the paid-in registered capital included in the self-raised funds? If I apply for level C fund of 2 million yuan, shall I prepare 3 million yuan (paid-in registered capital of 1 million yuan and self-raised funds of 2 million yuan)? Or shall I only prepare 2 million yuan?

A: You shall prepare 2 million yuan. The paid-in registered capital is included in the self-raised funds.


Q: Can supporting funds be used as self-raised funds?

A: No, self-raised funds requires self-preparation.


Q: Can staff members of colleges and institutes start a business without departure? How can a full-time certificate be provided? After obtaining the consent for starting a business, the staff members of colleges and institutes are considered full-time. Shall they buy social security here?

A: In accordance with the policies, if the team leader or core members are staff members of colleges and institutes, they shall obtain the consent for starting a business and submit the supporting evidence. No additional purchase of social security is needed.


Q: Among the team leader and core members, at least 3 shall hold more than 30% shares. If a Korean academician acts as our team leader, may he hold shares?

A: Yes, according to the Company Law of the Peoples Republic of China, foreigners can also hold shares.


Q: When and where shall I submit print-out application materials? By what means?

A: As required by the guidelines, the deadline for online application is May 31, 2021, and print-out application materials shall be submitted before June 11, 2021. Formal examination will be performed after online application. After formal examination is completed, if no supplementary material is required, the applicant will be notified by text message to submit print-out materials. Please submit the print-out materials to the Administrative Committee of the Foshan National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone. For specific information, please read text message.


Q: In the information sheet of other core members, there is some material to upload, but there is no address for uploading. May it be attached directly behind the PDF?

A: For the same kind of materials such as identity information, please upload the identity information of core members together with the team leader's information in the attachment.


Q: Shall all college staff members submit the supporting evidence for the consent for starting a business, or only full-term staff members are required to do so? Shall the working time (210 days per year) be written in the supporting evidence?

A: If a college teacher has a full-time job and buys social security in Foshan, there is no need to provide the supporting evidence; if he/she has a full-time job in Foshan but retains social security in the college, the supporting evidence shall be provided. The template for the supporting evidence is provided on fsfczj.foshan.gov.cn. Please download and fill in as needed.


Q: If a core member has a project that was accepted in another area of Guangdong. Is he eligible for application?

A: The same project cannot be applied here; but no limit on a different project.