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Maonan district Industrial Park

Updated: 2020-02-05

Aiming to be a well-developed petrochemical industry area, a regional transportation and logistics business center, and an emerging industrial base, Maonan district has been working hard on its new industrialization path. The district has strived to build an industrial agglomeration development platform, and has now established five industrial parks: Maonan Petrochemical Industrial Park, Maonan Industrial Transfer Industrial Park, Zhongkeyun Western Guangdong Industrial Park, Maoming Kaolin Industrial Park, and South China International Automobile Industrial Park.

Key investment projects:

Maonan Petrochemical Industrial Park: oil restructuring, fine chemicals, new chemical materials, and biochemical projects.

Maonan Industrial Transfer Industrial Park: high-end manufacturing, processing industry, and electronic assembly projects.

Zhongkeyun Western Guangdong Industrial Park: leisure and retirement, education, tourism, new urban development, and big data projects.

Maoming Kaolin Industrial Park: Kaolin fine processing projects.

South China International Automobile Industrial Park: auto parts production, auto sales, auto exhibitions, auto services, auto sports, and auto theme park projects.