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Guangdong Xinhuayue Petrochemical Group Stock Company

Updated: 2020-02-06

Established in 1980, Guangdong Xinhuayue Petrochemical Group Stock Company takes deep processing and post-processing of petrochemical products as its main business. It has built up two production bases for ethylene processing and deep refiningingof petroleum, which have deep processing and post-processing capacity of 880,000 tons per year.

It is one of the largest deep processing enterprises of refining products in the Western Guangdong area as well as the leader of the fine chemical processing industry. Its business has the three components of refining deep processing, ethylene processing and the fine chemical processing.

Its main products include styrene, dicyclopentadiene, c9 petroleum resin, tar resin and petroleum naphthalene.

At present, the company has two branches, seven exclusively-invested enterprises, 10 holding companies and an equity interest in eight enterprises. It has total capital of 1.35 billion yuan ($193.5 million), 1,500 employees and one expert enjoying special government allowance of the State Council.