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Maoming to set new standards for online lychee sales

Updated: 2021-07-01

The city of Maoming is promoting the formulation of three local e-commerce sales standards for Baitangying, Guiwei and Feizixiao lychees, which are expected to be released in November this year.

The city sells 40,000 to 50,000 metric tons of lychees via e-commerce every year. In 2020, online sales of lychees exceeded 50,000 tons due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, indicating that e-commerce played a major role in maintaining the local lychee industry's stability.

On Jan 1, 2021, the city launched the Maoming Online Sales Lychee Grade Specification to standardize the packaging, transportation and distribution of online lychee sales.

The three new standards, which will be formulated on the basis of the Maoming Online Sales Lychee Grade Specification, are aimed to further improve the city's online lychee sales and promote the sound development of the city's lychee e-commerce industry.

They will standardize and guide the whole lychee e-commerce industry, including production, sales, packaging, transportation and distribution, in order to enhance the brand image of Maoming lychees and improve their reputation.

Guided by the CPC Maoming Municipal Committee and the Maoming municipal government, the new standards will be formulated by the Maoming bureau of agriculture and rural affairs, the city's market supervisory authority, as well as representatives and experts from relevant scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, industrial associations and leading enterprises.