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Cantonese Liangfen

(chinadaily.com.cn) Update:2018-11-20

Liangfen is a Chinese dish consisting of starch jelly that is usually served cold, with a savory sauce, often in the summer. It is usually made from bean or potato starch.

The cities of Guangzhou and Foshan have a long tradition of making liangfen. From 1950 to 1960, liangfen street vendors would commonly serve the delicacy with a distinct syrup that defines Cantonese liangfen. Chinese mesona, a unique mint plant, is also used to make the dish.

Traditionally, the Cantonese dish requires 25 hours of preparation before it's ready to eat. The process involves soaking and boiling the Chinese mesona, filtering and blending the mint broth with starch, and so on.


A bowl of Cantonese Liangfen. [Photo/gzly.gov.cn]