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Golden Coast in Guangdong Province

(govt.chinadaily.com.cn) Update:2019-12-17

Located close to the South China Sea, Guangdong province has a long, vast coast. Numerous islands boasting warm climate and comfortable environment attract a mass of tourists every year. The total coastline is 4114.3 kilometers, ranking first among the coastline of Chinese mainland. The province has 1,429 islands, more than 510 large and small bays, and 174 coastal beaches for development. These rich and unique coastal resources form the most beautiful coastal scenery of Guangdong province.

Zhelang Island

Zhelang Island is located at the intersection of Red Bay and Jieshi Bay. Due to its special location, the island has been divided into two sea areas with extremely gorgeous but distinct scenery. The east part is always rough, while the west is smooth as a mirror. The unique natural scenery, the long beach, as well as many historical sites provide a great travel experience. It is also a national-level natural bathing spot and has been used for international and domestic windsurfing competitions. Not only has it attracted tourists from home and aboard, but it has been the location for many TV dramas and films.

Address: Red Bay Economic Development Zone, Shanwei, Guangdong Province

Shanwei Zhelang Island. [Photo/gd.gov.cn]

Shuidong Bay

The Shuidong Bay Tourist Area boasts white beaches, forests, and yurts with exotic villas and ethnic characteristics. The entire tourist area includes the main scenic spots First Beach Tourist Resort, Hutou Mountain, and Yanjingling. The First Beach Tourist Resort gets its name for three reasons. It has the first and longest forest belt in the country, the first diving base in China, and a beautiful beach that can accommodate nearly 100,000 people.

Address: Maogang District, Maoming, Guangdong Province

Maoming Shuidong Bay. [Photo/gd.gov.cn]