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Nansha approved as China's first international talent special district

(chinadaily.com.cn) Update:2021-02-23

Guangzhou's Nansha district will be built into an "international talent special district" with global influence by 2035 - the first of its kind in China.

The implementation plan for turning Nansha into the international talent special district was released recently.

Nansha enjoys a solid foundation and unique advantages in terms of attracting and developing talents in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, as the district is also the national pilot district for talent management reform and a demonstration zone for talent cooperation in the Greater Bay Area.

The district will get priority in launching pilots for major provincial reform measures and innovative policies.

The introduction of high-caliber overseas talents will be carried out in industries that Nansha has devoted great efforts towards fostering, such as new generation information technology, artificial intelligence, marine science and engineering, biomedicine, new energy and new materials.

Nansha will gain support in building an offshore innovation and entrepreneurship base for overseas talents and letting companies and scientific research institutes set up research and development research institutions, branches or offshore incubation bases in the area. 

A "dual-core" system featuring two education models - namely the integration of production and education and the modern apprenticeship - will be developed in Nansha. It will establish a national base for the comprehensive development of skilled talents to help attract more talents needed by industrial development.

State-owned companies and institutions in Nansha, such as scientific research institutions and hospitals, will get more managerial autonomy in personnel management. Overseas talents who meet relevant requirements will be able to become the legal representatives or responsible people of legal institutions, public institutions and State-owned companies. 

The district will also be able to carry out a trial of letting overseas high-caliber talents start scientific companies with their permanent resident permits, enjoying the same treatment as Chinese residents. 

More convenience will be offered to global talents by Nansha through initiatives such as quick visa services, cross-border recognition of professional qualifications, and trial operation of skilled migration.

Professionals with overseas professional qualifications in areas spanning tourism, design and architecture will be able to work in Nansha, after being recorded, and those from abroad working in Nansha will be allowed to take part in the professional qualification examinations for titles such as registered architect and registered structural engineer.

Nansha will strive to build 10,000 new apartments and houses for talents, with joint property rights to ensure talents' life in the district. Meanwhile, medicines and instruments that have entered the market in Hong Kong and Macao will be approved for use in emergency situations in designated medical institutions in Nansha.