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Notice of Guangzhou Panyu District COVID-19 Control and Prevention (No 16)

(GZFAO) Update:2022-02-09

From Feb 6, 2022, strict COVID-19 control and management measures will be adopted in some areas of Dashi Street, Panyu district. We hereby notify the details as follows:

East of National Highway 105, south of Sanzhixiang Waterway, west of Shaxi Bridge - Yingbin Road - Panyu Avenue, and north of Nanda Road will be put under lockdown. Within this area, strict measures will be taken to strengthen social management, restrict gathering, and prohibit unnecessary exit.

1. Gatherings will be strictly limited. The scale of parties, group dining, and other gathering activities will be under strict control.

2. All indoor public places shall implement measures, such as making appointments, practicing a staggered schedule, taking visitors' temperatures, inspecting visitors' health codes, and wearing masks.

3. Public transport services in this area will be suspended, and Dashi Metro Station will be closed temporarily.

4. Shopping malls, supermarkets, farmers' markets, and other places providing basic daily supplies shall limit foot traffic.

5. Dine-in services will be prohibited in the lockdown area. Only take-away and food delivery services are available.

6. All non-essential commercial and trade service establishments, entertainment venues, dining places, stores, fitness and cultural facilities, child-care institutions, and offline educational training institutions are suspended.

7. Regular COVID-19 testing will be carried out according to the requirements of the CDC.

The measures above will be implemented on the day of issuance, and shall be subject to timely adjustment according to the epidemic dynamics. Thank you for your cooperation.

Guangzhou Panyu district COVID-19 control and prevention command

Feb 6, 2022