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Nanguo Peach Blossom Garden

Updated: December 31,2020


Located in Songgang, Shishan Town, the northern part of Nanhai District, Foshan City, Nanguo Peach Blossom Garden is one of the new eight scenic spots in the city. With a total area of eight square kilometers, the park is composed of more than ten hills with an altitude of about 100 meters, such as Pingdingshan and Jianfengling, and more than ten ponds and reservoirs of various sizes. Its green vegetation coverage rate is over 90%. The main scenic spots in the garden are Nanhai Guanyin Temple, CCTV Nanhai Film and Television City and Bibo Lake Egret Habitat; there are also tourism service facilities such as golf clubs, country clubs, Taoyuan Entertainment City, Taoyuan Holiday Club, Taoyuan Yuyu Hotel, Fontainebleau Hotel, Haoxuan Garden, Shangri-La Garden, and Taoyuan Resort. Cultural landscape and natural landscape with both European style and oriental country style are integrated in the garden.