Sanshui Park

Updated: March 25,2021


Located in Leping Town, Sanshui District, Foshan City, Sanshui Park covers an area of 85 square kilometers and currently has a built-up area of about 45 square kilometers. It is a major manufacturing base of Foshan City. 

Devoted to developing new energy and new materials, intelligent equipment manufacturing, automobiles and parts, electronic appliances, medical equipment, and cultural creativity, it has attracted 265 industrial enterprises above designated size.

At present, the park has four incubators (maker spaces) above the provincial level, with a combined incubation area of 107,000 square meters, one national-level high-tech business incubator, 49 engineering technology research centers above the provincial level, 12 enterprise technology centers above the provincial level, 143 high-tech enterprises, and four municipal-level innovative talent teams. 

In 2019, the park achieved a year-on-year regional GDP growth of 7.8% and a total industrial output of 119.69 billion yuan; 58 new project contracts were signed; offices were set up in Japan and Thailand for new overseas investment; and the total foreign investment attracted reached 16.37 billion yuan with foreign investment in actual use rising to 293 million yuan.