Chancheng Park

Updated: March 29,2021


Located in downtown Foshan, Chancheng Park has a total area of 15.7 square kilometers (West City Park covering 11.7 square kilometers and South City Park covering 4 square kilometers). At the same time, the Nanzhuang Lvdao Lake Park covering an area of about 8.1 square kilometers has been included. Its main characteristic industries are high-end equipment manufacturing, electronic information manufacturing, bio-medicine, new energy and new materials. Many leading industrial enterprises and listed companies, such as Andritz, Valeo, and Nationstar Optoelectronics, have settled in the park. 

In 2019, the park achieved a regional GDP of 14.89 billion yuan, a total industrial output of 31.12 billion yuan, and a total tax revenue of 1.87 billion yuan. In 2019, there were 105 industrial enterprises above designated size, 189 high-tech enterprises, three national-level high-tech business incubators, two national-level maker spaces, two national and local joint laboratories (engineering centers), four municipal-level high-tech business incubators, and 119 research and development institutions; 10,160 high-end talents were introduced and 4,937 patents were still valid.

Chancheng Park (West City Park):It has industrial parks such as Smart New City, South China Power Innovation Park, South China Innovation Valley, Foshan New Media Industrial Park and Taogu Town. With an area of about 4.6 square kilometers, the Jujin High-tech Park mainly develops electronic information, equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials, and industrial design. There are eight major projects, i.e. Guangdong Province (Tops) Business Incubation Base, Funeng Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park, Jujin Science and Technology Innovation and Energy Saving Industrial Park, E.Park, South China Technology and Equipment Industrial Park, Texpro Intelligent Equipment Industry Park, South China Innovation Valley Collaborative Innovation Center and Foshan National Cold Chain Logistics Base. 

Chancheng Park (South City Park): Devoted to developing a headquarters economy, it plans to introduce the South China Headquarters Project of Tsingshan Holdings and the Headquarters Project of China Traditional Chinese Medicine Holdings.

Lvdao Lake Park (under construction): The Lvdao Lake Park, with a total construction area of approximately 830,000 square meters, has the Foshan Human Resources Service Industry Project, Comprehensive Big Data Pilot Area, Foshan Doctor Innovation Workshop, China Architectural Decoration Design Innovation Base, and the Intellectual Property Protection Center.