Nanhai Park

Updated: March 30,2021


In December 2019, the area of Nanhai Park was cut from 403.36 square kilometers to 267.2 square kilometers. It is now divided into Shishan Danzao Park, Lishui Park, and Guicheng Dali Park, and is home to innovation projects such as Sanlong Bay High-end Innovation Cluster (Nanhai), Guangdong Financial High-tech Zone, Lishui Electronic Information Industrial Park, Hegui Industrial Park, and Danzao Xianhu Hydrogen Energy Valley. 

With real economy and private economy as the mainstay,(more than 80% of themare private), the park has competitive traditional industries such as equipment manufacturing, home appliances and furniture, automobiles and parts, and emerging industries such as robotics, 3D printing, new materials, and biomedicine. Besides, characteristic industrial parks such as the Guangdong Biomedicine Industry Base and the Guangdong New Light Source Industry Base have been built. 

In 2019, the park achieved a GDP of 60.85 billion yuan, with a total output value of industrial enterprises above designated size of 142.15 billion yuan, whilethe operating income of all its enterprises above designated size was 207.45 billion yuan. In addition, three unicorn companies, 38 gazelle companies, and nine new-type R&D institutions at or above the provincial level have settled in the park.