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Nanhai Xiqiao Mountain

en.xiqiaoshantour.com Updated: April 21,2021


Xiqiao Mountain is located at the south-west of Nanhai City of Guangdong Province. It is one of the four famous mountains of Guangdong, with wonderful natural landscape, rich tourism culture details as well as simple and natural folk customs. Since Ming and Qing Dynasty, refined scholars have been going after it and visitors keeping coming one after another, making Xiqiao Mountain a tourism hit of south Guangdong. The natural landscape of Xiqiao is fantastic. All the 72 peaks are grotesque and all the 42 caves are quiet, not to mention the lakes, waterfalls, springs, mountain streams, rocks, cliffs, ponds and decks that intersperse among them. All of them are unprecedented masterpieces created by this extinct volcano which has been quiet for billions of years. Xiqiao Mountain has deep forest and thick moss that are luxuriantly green. It also has caves and rocks with narrow tunnels between as well as rich water storage, so ancient people praised it by saying that "having thousand waterfalls in Kuanglu is not believable, half of them are actually in Xiqiao". Contemporarily, Xiqiao Mountain is called as "Green Reservoir" and "Solid Reservoir". It is because of the great natural tourism resources that Xiqiao Mountain is evaluated by State Council and State Forestry Administration as National Scenic Area, National Forest Park and National AAAAA-Level Tourism Area.

Xiqiao Mountain enjoys the reputation as the "Lighthouse of Pearl River Civilization". More than 6,000 years ago, diligent and intelligent people in Xiqiao Mountain created the splendid civilization of "Double-shoulder Stonewares" on this land. In Ming and Qing Dynasty, many literates and scholars, represented by Zhan Ruoshui, He Baiyun and Kang Youwei, settled down in Xiqiao Mountain, seeking truth in Lixue (a Confucian school of idealist philosophy) and tempering themselves. Therefore, Xiqiao Mountain is also known as "Famous Mountain of Lixue in south Guangdong" and it has been famous for its culture of Lixue since then. The religious culture has distinctive characteristics. It not only integrates Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism, but also impresses people by its culture of Nanhai Guanyin with Chinese characteristics. The No. 1 status of Guanyin in the world that sits on the eighth highest peak of Xiqiao Mountain has already become a must-see for the research of Guanyin culture. As a National Forest Park, Xiqiao Mountain is outstanding for its green culture. Due to its pleasant ecological environment and competitive geographic location, Xiqiao Mountain is regarded as the "front garden" of the Pearl River Delta. For the people of south Guangdong who have been urbanized with the development of economy after the reform and opening up, Xiqiao Mountain is also a place of happiness where they can flee from noises and back to the nature. Visitors can feast their eyes on Xiqiao Mountain in emerald color, breathe in the fresh air endowed with the spirits of the nature and better their spiritual status during the vacation and relaxation. Being healthy and having a long life has already become an attraction of the "Green Culture" of Xiqiao Mountain.

Growing up under the nurture of Xiqiao Mountain where ancient charm remains, people of Xiqiao are simple and honest. The village people's customs of marriage and production greatly attract visitors' interest, especially "Half-Mountain Dragon boat racing", "Apo Dragon boat racing" and "New Year Lion Dance". Xiqiao Mountain has a lot of good reputations. Since ancient times, there has been a saying that "the Famous Mountains of south Guangdong refers to Xiqiao Mountain and Dongqiao Mountain". Dongqiao Mountain (Luofu Mountain) and Xiqiao Mountain are considered as the representatives of the famous mountains in south Guangdong. During these years, more and more literates and scholars have been writing poems and articles to further praise Xiqiao Mountain. Zhao Puchu wrote,"as ancient times, fireworks please the crowd, modern houses become indoor Utopia". Qin Mu praised that "the landscape of Xiqiao is more beautiful than poems". Huang Shimin sang that,"Xiqiao is as good as Dongqiao, it is the most charming scenery under the southern sky". Furthermore, scholars and experts say that "it doesn't count if you come to Lingnan without reaching Xiqiao Mountain". Facing the new century, the green diamond - Xiqiao Mountain now is glowing with incomparably bright even more.