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Foshan community eyes high-quality growth

Updated: April 26,2021


The Innovation Lighthouse Community, a core area of the Foshan National High-tech Economic and Technological Development Zone, is a leading and demonstration project designed to build Foshan into a landmark and strategic platform in the promotion of high-quality growth of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area(GBA), accelerate a new round of innovation-driven development in the region and pilot the construction of a digital park with the characteristic of being technology and future-oriented.

The community is one of six core industrial landmarks in the zone. Five affiliated industrial parks and has been added to the list of major industrial projects in Foshan.

The blueprint for the community was formulated in consideration of Foshan's role in the Greater Pearl River Delta region and Guangfu Culture and of its position as a demonstration area of coordinated development between green and eco-friendly practice and smart manufacturing, with the aim of holding dialogue between traditional Lingnan Culture and futuristic green offices.

Located in the Huangdongjing Reservoir, the community is adjacent to both the S16 Foshan-Qingyuan-Conghua Provincial Expressway and the S55 Guangzhou-Sanshui Provincial Expressway, and is about five kilometers away from the Shishan North Railway Station and the Shishan Railway Station. Shishan University Town lies to its east.

Thanks to an aggregation of manufacturing bases like industrial parks and logistics parks, the community boasts a solid industrial foundation and cumulative effects of rich human resources.

The planning of the community closely follow its central axis landscape belt, stresses the continuity and permeation of central park landscape, and makes green and eco-friendly concepts reachable within all parts of the industrial park and within the area near the entrepreneurial services center at the south end of the industrial park.

In addition, the community has adopted a vertical structure and become integrated with the surrounding environment in a drive to build a green and eco-friendly industrial park and entrepreneurial service center.

The planning also shows full respect to local original ecology and geomorphy, takes the distribution of mountains and rivers into consideration, and intends to create a versatile scientific innovation industrial park and entrepreneurial services center that covers scientific research, industry-oriented office, ecology, leisure, cultural arts and life services.

Apart from exploring and shaping the concept of "genius loci", also known as the spirit of an architectural structure, the community explores the potential relationship between a building's modernity and the historical context of Lingnan-style gardens and strives for harmonious coexistence with nature in a bid to conduct a dialogue with mountains and rivers, ecology and history.

Under the background that it has been integrated with the development of the GBA and has undergone industrial upgrading, the community will provide enterprises with full support in their future development and will become a new regional landmark that represents the development direction of eco-intelligent industry and embodies humanistic care.

The community is expected to become a demonstration area and innovation engine in leading industrial development towards future-oriented technology, intelligent manufacturing and eco-friendly growth.