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Party working committee of Foshan Hi-tech Zone holds Party history education events

chinadaily.com.cn Updated: July 30,2021

The Party working committee of Foshan Hi-tech Zone organized Party history study and education activities on July 23.

Led by Pan Dongsheng, deputy secretary of the zone's Party working committee and head of the management committee, the three Party branches under the committee went to the memorial hall at the site of the third National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), Yang Paoan's old residence and the Guangdong Museum for onsite learning activities.


Some of the Party working committee members went to the first stop, the memorial hall. Led by Pan, they repeated the oath of joining the Party and appreciated the historic photos and documents displayed at the memorial hall.


Another team of the event went to the Yang Paoan's old residence, the Yang ancestral temple, for a Party history learning session. Yang was an outstanding theorist and revolutionary in the early stages of the CPC. He is recognized as the first one who promoted Marxism in South China. The Yang ancestral temple was the site of some early meetings of the Party organizations in Guangdong, and the preparatory liaison office for the third CPC National Congress.

The team visited the three display sections of the Yang ancestral temple and learned about Yang's deeds as well as the importance of the Yang ancestral temple in Party history.


The event's last stop was the Guangdong Museum, where the history exhibition of the Guangdong new democratic revolution led by the CPC was held. The exhibition is divided into five sections based on key historic events, and takes the visitors through that awakening age.


Pan then gave a Party-themed lecture to all Party members and working staff of the management committee. He stressed that all Party members and cadres should practice the Party building spirit and hold on to Marxism and Communism, always keep pace with the times and play their roles to contribute to the high-quality development of Foshan Hi-tech Zone.


The lecture was followed by a leading group meeting of Party history study. Pan recognized the work of the Party branches in preparing for the themed branch meetings and urged high-quality implementation of their conclusions.