Sanshui Park gains strong momentum in economic growth

chinadaily.com.cn Updated: April 20,2022

This year, Sanshui Park in the Foshan National High-tech Industrial Development Zone has accelerated the construction of professional platforms for scientific and technological innovation and attracted 21 projects, which cover biological medicine, electronics, new energy and new materials, to promote its industrial upgrading and draw a blueprint for the development of local strategic emerging sectors.

As part of the core area of Northern Foshan Strategic Emerging Industrial Park, Datong Lake Technology Industrial Park has allocated a land slice of 20 square kilometers to support Nanhai district and Sanshui township in the joint building of a signature industrial zone.


Datong Lake Technology Industrial Park in Foshan, south China's Guangdong province [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

So far, Datong Lake Technology Industrial Park has had built-up areas of 30 square kilometers and basically completed the building of a ring road around the lake. It is pushing ahead with the construction of infrastructural facilities, connecting it with other nearby industrial parks, and making good use of land resource available.

Meanwhile, Sanshui Park has closely adhered to the development path of Northern Foshan Strategic Emerging Industrial Park and focused its investment promotion on high-end equipment manufacturing, house decoration-related sector, automobile products and parts, biological medicine, new energy and new materials.


Attendees at a signing ceremony of investment promotion held by Sanshui Park of Foshan National High-tech Industrial Development Zone [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

During the first quarter of this year, Sanshui Park inked 21 projects with cumulative investment worth 17.62 billion yuan ($2.62 billion). Among them are China Brilliant Group's industrial supply chain project, Zuoer's NEV auto parts project, and Pratic's high-end numerically-controlled machine tools project.

The industrial supply chain project, whose prospective investment totals 10 billion yuan, will mainly build the allocating centers of electronic materials and the distribution centers of industrial supplies in the fields of biological medicine, intelligent manufacturing, semi-conductor, 5G and heavy equipment, along with business headquarters and living areas.

It will become the largest allocating center of electronic products for the China Brilliant Group at home and its largest hub of international trade.

Sanshui Park will press forward with its innovation-driven development strategy, build an intelligent sci-tech innovation center, strengthen regional collaboration in the building of innovative platform, help more R&D firms settle down, and speed up the formation of a sci-tech innovation ecosystem.