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Xinyi Industrial Transfer Industrial Park

Updated: 2020-02-05

Xinyi has been developing an industrial layout consisting of one industrial transfer industrial park and four industrial agglomeration development zones. The Xinyi Industrial Transfer Industrial Park of southern Xinyi, with a total planned area of 666.67 hectares, is a provincial-level industrial park accredited by the Guangdong provincial government in Sept 2006. 

The city's Shuikou Hi-tech Zone which boasts a planned construction area of 7.07 square meters and a total investment of 20 billion yuan ($2.87 billion) is also an important part of Xinyi City’s industrial layout and will focus on the development of industries of mold manufacturing, environmental protection, new energy vehicle manufacturing, and jewelry and jade. 

Since the establishment of the park, a lot of efforts have been made to enhance its facilities and environment. With improved quality and efficiency, the park has become the main engine for the industrial development of Xinyi.

Key investment projects: equipment manufacturing, jewelry and jade and new energy vehicle manufacturing projects.

Leading industries: Environmental protection, equipment manufacturing, and jewelry and jade.