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New Maoming project set to boost rural revitalization

Updated: 2021-07-02

A "comprehensive straw utilization project" was put into operation at Jindun Industrial Park in Gaozhou, a county-level city in Maoming, on June 29.

The project recycles agricultural waste like straw through biological fermentation and low temperature drying to produce livestock and poultry feed. It can help solve all kinds of waste disposal problems, increase the incomes of local livestock and poultry farmers, as well as boost the green and sustainable development of agriculture.


A worker uses a tractor to move straw at Guangdong Haotian Agricultural Development in Gaozhou, a county-level city in Maoming. [Photo/mm111.net]

There are currently two production lines: one for the straw/roughage processing and one for the full mixed ration and fermented feed processing. They have a straw processing capacity of 100 metric tons per day.

By providing a significant amount of organic fertilizer for agriculture, the project can help realize a beneficial circular system of "More Cattle – More Fertilizer – More Grains". It is estimated that fertilizer costs of around 100 yuan ($15.5) per mu (0.07 hectares) can be saved.

With an investment of 20 million yuan from Guangdong Haotian Agricultural Development, the project also has technical and talent support provided by the Institute of Animal Science under the Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, making it an industry-university-research demonstration base.