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Intelligent logistics express line boosts rural revitalization in Maoming

Updated: 2021-08-20

Since the completion of the intelligent logistics express line, express orders can be delivered to the doorstep, which is very convenient, said Peng Zhuoxing, a villager from Xin'an town, Huazhou, Maoming.

The intelligent logistics express line in Xin'an is the first of its kind in China, and was put into operation on April 15, 2020. The line connects Xin'an town and Xintang village, and has installed a network of cables at a low altitude on which small containers controlled by a cloud system can travel to most destinations along the route. It has benefited more than 8,600 people in the 34 villages along the route.


A small container controlled by a cloud system travels along cables at a low altitude. [Photo/WeChat account: maofabu]

The small container can carry goods of up to 100 kilograms, and has a max speed of 60 kilometers per hour, said Peng Junlin, public affairs director of iBosst, adding that the containers can run around the clock.

It only costs 3 ($0.46) to 5 yuan to transport a 100-kg good for 100 km, said Peng. The direct cost per km is less than 10 cents, which can help achieve low-cost, small-lot, and multi-frequency deliveries.

The intelligent logistics express line has effectively solved the logistics problem in villages and promoted the rural revitalization with the development of rural e-commerce.

It is estimated that the express line has delivered about 2,000 takeaways and more than 25,000 kg of fruit since it was put into operation. It has also helped provide daily consumer goods and self-produced fruits for villagers around the express line, with the total sales volume reaching about 200,000 yuan by the end of 2020.