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Maoming fruit selected as Chinese geographical indication

Updated: 2021-11-30

Exocarpium citri grandis was selected as a Chinese geographical indication on Nov 25. Guangzhou's five geographical indications were included, including exocarpium citri grandis, XinHui dried tangerine peel and Fenghuang single cluster tea.

Exocarpium citri grandis is the peel of citrus grandis tomentosa. Huazhou county-level city has developed a planting area of over 100,000 mu (6,667 hectares) of exocarpium citri grandis, and 10 planting bases of over 1,000 acres of exocarpium citri grandis. It first transformed a large-scale business entity with a circulation area of more than 1,000 acres into a modern exocarpium citri grandis industrial park, with enterprises processing exocarpium citri grandis products.

Huazhou is home to 65 companies with an annual processing capacity of 50,000 metric tons. In 2020, the annual output value of the entire industry chain exceeded 3 billion yuan ($470.71 million).

Huazhou is China's largest production base for exocarpium citri grandis, with an annual output of more than 50,000 metric tons. The total output value of the entire industrial chain of exocarpium citri grandis is expected to exceed 9 billion yuan, increasing revenue for 300,000 farmers.

The cold chain, logistics and information system based on the modern agricultural industrial park of exocarpium citri grandis has been improved, which is convenient for the distribution, circulation and trading.

Exocarpium citri grandis can be made into medicines, beverages, and handicrafts. It has obtained more than 30 national patented technologies and three national protected prescriptions.


Many farmers transport mature exocarpium citri grandis oranges. [Photo/WeChat account: maofabu]