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Maoming's eco-environment greatly improves over 5 years

Updated: 2021-07-15

The city of Maoming has been improving its ecological environment in accordance to the national standards of all the evaluation indicators for a National Forest City since its transformation in July 2016.

By the end of 2020, the city had improved the quality of 49,255.5 hectare forests. The newly-built forest belts around the city were 128.48 hectares and 78.61 hectares of forests in the river systems were improved.


The landscape belt along the Xiaodong River in Maoming. [Photo/WeChat account: maofabu]

A total of 121.54 kilometer greenways were built in urban and rural residential areas over the past five years, as well as 99.1 km of newly-built ecological landscape forest belts.

The city also completed the construction of 37 forest parks and four wetland parks in the last five years, accompanied with the greening and beautification of 853 villages.

As a result, the forest coverage rate of Maoming was 55.81 percent by 2020, and the urban green coverage rate was 44.31 percent. The per capita park green area was 18.17 square meters.

In addition, Maoming has been strengthening the management of forests to improve the quality of forest resources. It issued several forest management plans for State-owned and county-level forest farms.

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