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Greenway links Maoming's beautiful scenic spots

Updated: 2021-08-11

The Splendid 100 Li (1 li equals 500 meters) greenway is a project in Maoming that promotes rural revitalization and boosts the integration of urban and rural development.

The greenway starts from downtown Maoming, and extends upstream and downstream along the Xiaodong River. It stretches to Qingnian Lake in the south and Fushan Mountain in the east, and connects to rural revitalization demonstration sites such as agricultural industrial parks and pastoral complexes.

The greenway boasts a north-south axis along the Xiaodong River, two themed loop lines, three main lines, and 11 themed branch lines, with a total length of 208 kilometers. It covers 50 administrative villages in Maonan district and Gaozhou, a county-level city in Maoming, benefitting more than two million people in both urban and rural areas.

Rural scenic spots such as the Land Art Park in Xiangya village, the Open-pit Mine Ecological Park, Haoxin Lake, and the China Lychee Museum are accessible along the greenway.


People take a stroll along the greenway in Maoming Open-pit Mine Ecological Park. The greenway is part of the western main line of the Splendid 100 Li greenway. [Photo/WeChat account: maofabu]

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