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Huazhou to promote development of TCM


Huazhou recently released its Action Plan for Promoting the Inheritance, Innovation and Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Maoming looks back at 5 years of great progress


The regional gross domestic product of the city of Maoming rose from 243.97 billion yuan ($37.71 billion) in 2015 to 327.93 billion yuan in 2020, an average annual increase of 5.3 percent.


Maoming sees progress in green development


Maoming has been striving to strengthen environmental protection and enhance the cultivation of its forest resources in recent years.

Binhai New Area sees rapid development


Binhai New Area in Maoming has seen rapid development since the beginning of 2020, and is contributing to Maoming's transformation into a modern coastal city with a strong industrial base.

Maoming bureau awarded for devotion to city's development


The Maoming development and reform bureau was recently awarded as one of the "advanced collectives of Guangdong province" for its efforts in boosting the city's high-quality development.

Maoming agri cooperative rated as national model


The second batch of exemplary cases of the national farmers' cooperatives was recently released by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, in which Tanru Planting and Breeding Specialized Cooperatives in Maoming's Dianbai district made the list.

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