Foshan Hi-tech Zone attracts investment in Shenzhen

Updated: January 05,2021


Foshan National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone held an investment promotion in Shenzhen on December 17. At the event the administrative committee of the hi-tech zone signed cooperative agreements with 12 enterprises in the fields of artificial intelligence, medical health, smart homes, computer vision and bio-identification technology.

Kuang Dongming, member of the working committee of the Communist Party of China of Foshan Hi-tech Zone and deputy director of the zone’s administration committee, introduced its industrial development environment and achievements in technology innovation and industrial investment policy. 

“Foshan and Shenzhen are both in the core circle of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area. Shenzhen’s technological innovation resources will find broad markets and development space in Foshan, while Foshan’s industry transformation and upgrading also needs various innovation resources and quality projects,” Kuang said, adding that in the future the administration committee of Foshan Hi-tech Zone will further explore new cooperative space and patterns to boost collaborative innovation and cooperation between Foshan and Shenzhen. 

In addition, a round-table dialogue was held at the promotion event, inviting experts to focus on “two cities’ cooperation” and “intelligence creates the future” and to discuss Foshan and Shenzhen’s cooperation and collaborative innovation in driving the developments of hi-tech industry and the regional economy.