International Intelligent Robot Expo held in Foshan

Updated: January 11,2021


China (Foshan) International Intelligent Robot Expo 2020 and Smart Robot Expo as well as World Robot Competition Finals were held at Foshan’s Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center on December 3. The expo themed diversity, openness and future attracted famous experts from the fields of robots and artificial intelligence around the world as well as representatives of scientific research institutions and top enterprises, which is a top expo in the field of robots with the largest number of participants and the most international elements.

The latest robotic products were showcased at the expo, where 300 exhibitors gathered to display the most advanced products, the core technologies and the latest application solutions in more than 50,000 square meters of the exhibition center. 

Qiao Yu, deputy mayor of Foshan, delivered a speech at the expo. He hoped this expo can serve as an international platform for advanced equipment manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing. The expo should be fully used for displaying city’s image, promoting investment and trade, deepening communication and cooperation, achieving mutual benefit and providing good service and environment for development, upgrading “Made in China” to “Innovate in China”.

In recent years, Foshan Hi-tech Zone has been pushing forward the development of new industries such as industrial robots, new energy vehicles and hydrogen energy. For example, in the field of industrial robots, a number of manufacturing enterprises have settled down in the Hi-tech Zone. China (Guangdong) Robotic Innovation Center, Foshan Nanhai Guangdong Technology University CNC Equipment Cooperation Innovation Institute and Foshan Institute of Intelligent Equipment Technology also have been built as important carriers for the development of the robotic industry.