Foshan Hi-tech Zone holds investment promotion in Shanghai

Updated: January 15,2021


The 16th Automechanika Shanghai

On December 2, led by Kuang Dongming, a member of the working committee of the Communist Party of China of Foshan National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone and deputy director of the administration committee of the zone, front-running auto and spare parts enterprises of the zone attended the 16th Automechanika Shanghai and held an investment promotion event, as part of their efforts to push forward the high quality transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry.

Automechanika Shanghai is an expo for automobile parts and service supplies and facilities for car maintenance, testing and diagnosis. It is the most recognized global expo in the field.  

In order to attract more investment, Wu Huiying, deputy director of the Foshan Bureau of Commerce and Kuang respectively promoted Foshan city and the high-tech zone at the expo, showcasing the zone’s vitality and investment environment and creating a platform for innovative resources and quality projects. 


A exhibition hall of ASFB

At present, nearly 100 automobile enterprises in Foshan National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone are in rapid development and they are expected to achieve 40 billion yuan (USD 6.12 billion) in gross industrial output value.

Foshan Hi-tech Zone is emphasizing intelligent equipment and technologies of vehicles and spare parts, trying to make breakthroughs in predictive control, intelligent optimization decisions and adaptive controls. The zone’s automobile industry is also focusing on manufacturing of middle and high-end cars and self-owned branded SUVs as well as research on key technologies of motor controller and power battery and management systems. 

Foshan High-tech Zone is engaged in the manufacturing and design of new energy vehicles, such as hydrogen energy and pure electric vehicles. Additionally, it is stepping into the field of intelligent vehicles and is actively introducing and applying advanced driving assistance systems and automatic driving technology.


A smart factory of FAW-Volkswagen in Foshan High-tech Zone