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Maoming agricultural products exported to Laos

Updated: 2020-05-18

One million banana test-tube plantlets by Gaozhou Shengyuan Biotechnology Development Co Ltd were recently exported to Laos after passing the on-site quarantine and the laboratory test of Maoming Customs.

This is the city's first batch of high-tech agricultural products that have been exported to countries and regions involved in the Belt and Road Initiative.

Maoming Customs has done many things to help high-tech agricultural enterprises in Maoming export products to foreign countries, including guiding enterprises in the improvement of their quality management system, aseptic operation and pest control, as well as helping them obtain registration qualifications for the export of seedlings and flowers.

"This is the first time for my company to export banana test-tube plantlets," said Huang Quan, the person in charge of Gaozhou Shengyuan Biotechnology Development Co Ltd. "We're very grateful to Maoming Customs for its guidance and assistance, which enabled us to export the plantlets in a timely and smooth manner."