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Yushui Ancient Royal Hot Spring


Located in Magang town, Dianbai district, Maoming, Yushui Ancient Royal Hot Spring (a national 4A tourist attraction) is a provincial hot spring tourism demonstration base.

Maoming Coastal Park


Located at Haibin Second road, Dianbai district, Maoming, Guangdong province, 25km away from the Maoming urban area, Maoming Coastal Park is easily accessible by a first-class highway.

Romantic Coast Tourist Resort


Located at the seaside of the Jian'gang Management Zone, Longtou mountain, Bohe town, Dianbai district, Maoming, 16 km away from Ancient Royal Hot Spring, the resort faces the Fangji Island Scenic Area and has convenient transportation.

Maoming Forest Park


Located in the western suburbs of Maoming, only 12 km away from the urban area, Maoming Forest Park is currently the only provincial-level such park in the city.

Maoming Open-pit Mine Ecological Park


Maoming Open-pit Mine Ecological Park is a national mine park located in the northwestern tip of urban Maoming.

Nanhai Tourism Island · China's First Beach


​Founded in 1993, Nanhai Tourism Island is a national 4A tourist attraction.

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