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Cycling enthusiasts gather in Maoming for "I Love Lychee" race


On June 16, the 2024 Maoming " I Love Lychee" Road Cycling Open Race took place in Genzi town, Gaozhou. This event attracted over 400 cycling enthusiasts from across China, who came together to compete and showcase their skills.


Progress made on Maoming's second batch of "Xin" brand applications


Progress has been made on the second batch of "Xin" brand applications in Maoming, with 22 out of 81 companies entering the product inspection stage.


Venezuelan influencer unveils Maoming's charms


Venezuelan social media influencer Rafa recently embarked on a thrilling journey to Maoming, capturing every moment of his visit in a mesmerizing video that quickly went viral.


Dianbai boosts marine farming, tourism


Dianbai district in Maoming is strategically leveraging its coastal resources to develop marine ranching, with a focus on coastlines, bays, and ports. This initiative includes comprehensive planning, investment attraction, and technological support for deep-sea fishing.


Maonan holds its 1st dragon boat invitational championship


On June 9, the first Dragon Boat Invitational Championship in Maonan district, Maoming, took place in Aotou town. 24 teams from Foshan, Jiangmen, Zhanjiang, Yangjiang, and Maoming gathered for an exciting water race.

Aotou town's vibrant hiking festival revives tradition


The first community hiking festival of Aotou town, Maonan district, shook the town on June 1 along the scenic Meihua River, attracting more than 800 participants. The event aimed to promote physical fitness, foster community cohesion, and advocate for a healthy lifestyle while highlighting Aotou's dragon boat culture.

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