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Maoming wampees exported overseas for first time

Updated: 2020-06-29

A batch of wampees produced in Maoming was recently exported to Canada by air after passing the inspection and quarantine of Maoming Customs. It is the first time that Maoming's wampees have been exported overseas.

Wampees, also known as clausena lansium or wampi, are a featured fruit in China. They are rich in vitamin C, sugar, organic acids, and pectin.

The batch of wampees, weighing 132.5 kilograms and valued at 19,000 yuan (2,686.67), was exported by Maoming Zefengyuan Agricultural Products Co Ltd.

The cultivation area of wampees in Maoming is about 70,000 mu (4,666.67 hectares), yielding nearly 35,000 metric tons of wampees.

Maoming Customs has taken several measures to help the export of wampees, which have been mainly for domestic consumption for a long time.

As early as 2019, officials were assigned to wampee orchards to help enterprises improve their quality management system, implement pest control measures, and guide them to carry out registration.

The customs also guided enterprises to do a good job in the pre-export quarantine declaration and the detection of toxic and harmful substances. They also opened green channels to ensure fast clearance due to the short preservation period of wampees.

"Thanks to the support of Maoming Customs, my company's fruit exports have increased greatly this year," said Lin Bo, the person in charge of Maoming Zefengyuan Agricultural Products Co Ltd.

"After plums from Xinyi were exported to Malaysia for the first time, my company successfully exported Maoming wampees to Canada for the first time, which signifies a step forward in the export of the city's characteristic agricultural products overseas," added Lin.