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University school opens in Dianbai

Updated: 2020-08-31

The affiliated school of Guangzhou-based South China Normal University (SCNU) in Dianbai district, Maoming opened on Aug 29, with the opening ceremony of the school's 2020 autumn semester held on the same day.


The unveiling ceremony of the South China Normal University (SCNU) Affiliated Dianbai School is held in Maoming on Aug 29. [Photo/WeChat account: longyanzb]

More than 2,000 government officials, guests from all walks of life, teachers, and students attended the opening ceremony, including Wang Enke, SCNU president, Tan Jianfeng, head of Dianbai district, and Yang Jinming, president of Yuexiang Tianyuan Group.

The school covers a total area of 450 mu (30 hectares) and has an investment of about 1.5 billion yuan ($218.63 million). It is planned to build three campuses, namely the kindergarten and primary school, the middle and high school, as well as the international department.

There will be 15 classes in the kindergarten, 36 classes in the primary school, 36 classes in the middle school, 72 classes in the senior high school, and 36 classes in the international department, which can provide about 12,000 places for students.

The primary school and junior high school will be opened at the international department campus in September 2020, while the kindergarten and the senior high school will be opened in 2022.

The South China Normal University Affiliated Dianbai School is a major livelihood project in Dianbai district. It is expected to introduce advanced education concepts, management experience, and brand resources into the district. It is of great significance to accelerate the high-quality and modernized development of the district's basic education.