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Liutao Jewelry Creative Industrial Park

Updated: 2021-08-27

Liutao Jewelry Creative Industrial Park is located near Yingbin Avenue in Maoming's Dianbai district, and has a planned area of 1,800 mu (120 hectares). It is one of the first choices for domestic and foreign jewelers to process and trade jewelry.

It has been recognized as the "China's small, medium and micro enterprises business incubator demonstration platform," the "small and micro enterprises entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration base in Guangdong," the "city-level science and technology business incubator in Maoming," and the "Maoming business incubator base."


Maoming Liutao Jewelry Creative Industrial Park. [Photo/WeChat account: maofabu]

The industrial park is also the first national 3A-level scenic area with the theme of industrial culture. It integrates the functions of exhibition, sightseeing, shopping, entertainment, and accommodation.

People can do a one-stop wedding product purchase here, and have a tour enjoying the city's industry development and wedding culture. Popular scenic spots include the jewelry processing production line exhibition gallery, the international jewelry exhibition hall, the wedding culture exhibition hall, and the wedding filming base.