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Gaozhou hospital becomes national 5G+ pilot project

Updated: 2021-09-02

A project from the People's Hospital of Gaozhou in Maoming was included in the list of 5G+ medical and health application pilot projects that was recently released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Health Commission.

The project, a "5G+ three-level health service system that meets the needs of people in counties," integrates the strongest communication technology with traditional surgery and can bring high-quality medical resources from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou to remote counties to benefit the residents.


A surgery is conducted in the People's Hospital of Gaozhou with experts from Beijing giving real-time guidance. [Photo/mm111.net]

The idea of integrating communication technology and traditional surgery developed in the mind of Wang Maosheng, president of the People's Hospital of Gaozhou, in 2018. It became a reality in 2019 when the 5G technology came out.

During the operation for a woman with congenital heart disease, real-time ultra-high-definition operation images were transmitted to the Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital in Guangzhou. Doctors guided and participated in the operation through the 5G internet connection.

This was the first 5G remote cardiac endoscopic surgery in China, and it proved to be successful.

Under the leadership of the hospital, Gaozhou has maintained an in-county hospitalization rate of 95 percent for years, and has basically achieved the national medical reform goal of "treating serious diseases without leaving the county" four years ahead of its target.