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Maoming continues to use IP to promote lychee sales

Updated: 2022-05-20

As the largest lychee production base in the world, Maoming has found success in utilizing intellectual property (IP) to promote sales, carrying out brand building, creative design, and lychee promotion to bolster its lychee industry.

With the growth of new media, IP has become a combination of intellectual property and branding. By innovatively using IP, the Maoming lychee industry has refined and promoted the cultural value of lychees, which has improved customer affinity for Maoming lychee brands, enhanced the competitiveness of the industry, as well as promoted rural vitalization.

Dingtang village in Gaozhou, a county-level city in Maoming, trademarked the Impressive Dingtang brand and passed industry recognition to be designated "the hometown of Chinese Guiwei lychee". Through these IP innovations, it has increased the added value of its agricultural products and shaped its image as a producer of high-quality agricultural products.

Dingtang village officials invited a professional video production team to make a short video about village life and the growth environment of locally produced lychees, which was then uploaded to the popular short video platform Douyin. It has also cooperated with Gaozhou Media Convergence Center and Gaozhou Radio and Television Station to promote its live streaming e-commerce efforts.

In 2016, Dingtang village was designated as a poverty-stricken village in Guangdong province. There were 54 households with 128 impoverished people, with the per capita disposable income being more than 2,000 yuan ($295.60). However, through the village's efforts to utilize IP to promote its lychee industry, the per capita disposable income rose to more than 18,000 yuan by 2019, while all of its residents had been lifted out of poverty.


A few of Maoming's lychee IP products. [Photo/WeChat account: maofabu]