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Boqiao night market: Beacon of village night economy

Updated: 2024-04-18

Boqiao night market has illuminated Maoming's Boqiao village with its vibrant night economy, drawing numerous villagers and tourists.

As night falls, the square of  Genzi town transforms into a bustling stage for performances, captivating the continuous applause from the audience. Meanwhile, villagers set up stalls on both sides of the square, which helps them to increase their income while enjoying the spectacular shows.

As dusk descends, the Boqiao night market glows with a dazzling array of toys and delicacies. Children delight in browsing the toy stalls, reveling in the joy of the evening. The night market not only enriches the villagers' nightlife but also provides an opportunity to increase their earnings.

For the past two months, the Boqiao night market has attracted numerous villagers who come to enjoy the food and shopping, injecting new vitality into the local night economy and enhancing the attractiveness and dynamism of the countryside.


Villagers set up stalls at the Boiqiao night market. [Photo/WeChat account: maofabu]


Boqiao night market draws numerous villagers and tourists. [Photo/WeChat account: maofabu]


Villagers and tourists watch performances at the Boiqiao night market. [Photo/WeChat account: maofabu]